Cut The Fluff

Last year I signed up for Audible. I listen during my commute and, as a result, have dramatically increased the number of books I consume.

The majority of what I read is non-fiction. One theme across many (not all) of these books is that they could be much shorter. There’s one or two strong arguments and the rest of the book is filled with stories of how that argument was applied by somebody.

Examples are useful up to a point. After that, it’s fluff. Extra filler chapters to make the book longer and pricier. I don’t need the fluff. Give me the good stuff. Cut the fluff. It’s useless and repetitive.

Now as I start to see signs of this I’ll fast forward a bit and eventually drop the book if I feel I’ve gotten the point. That’s what makes services like Blinkist popular.

In general I’m not a fan of fluff. I try not to consume it or produce it. Writing without fluff is stronger. A product without fluff is more effective. Life without fluff is just… better.

Cut what doesn’t matter. Keep what does.

Getting to sleep

I’ve always had issues getting to sleep. Without a doubt — I’m a night owl. When it’s time to go to bed, I struggle to shut my mind down and get the rest I know I need.

In the past I’ve always had the TV on and/or been messing around on my phone. Clearly not effective. I’ve tried a number of tactics and hacks throughout the years to fix this. The only one that seems to work for me is reading.

Everyday I read on my commute via Audible. But that’s not effective at night because, if I fall asleep, I completely lose my place in the book. A physical copy is the way to go.

The next issue to get past is the light. My fiancé goes to bed earlier than I do. She puts her head on the pillow and is out. It’s almost as if she has an “OFF” switch… a true gift. I don’t want to put on the bright lights because 1) it may wake her and 2) I don’t want to have to get up to shut them off as I’m falling asleep.

So I’m going to try the Phillips Hue lightbulbs. The ability to dim is a plus because it won’t wake my fiancé and the different hues you can set will allow me to “set the stage” for sleep. Finally, when I’m primed to drift away into dreamland, I can turn them off completely via my phone.

At least that’s the plan anyway… I’ll let you know how it goes.